Monday 13 May 2013


Approved Minutes of the Annual Parish Council Meeting held at 6.00pm on

Monday 13 May 2013 in the St John Office, Wykeham Business Centre.


Cllrs. Lady Downe (Chairman), J P Terry (Vice Chairman), G F Barnett, L S Day

and Mr C H Holmes (Clerk).

1 Apologies for absence


Cllr. Sword sent apologies.

County and Borough Cllr. D Jeffels was unable to attend and Lady Downe said she would refer to him at the Assembly.

2 Election of Chairman for 2013/14

Cllr. Terry PROPOSED that Lady Downe be elected as Chairman. This was SECONDED by Cllr. Day and was AGREED. Lady Downe signed the acceptance form.

3 Election of Vice Chairman for 2013/14


Lady Downe PROPOSED that Cllr. Terry be elected as Vice Chairman. This was SECONDED by Cllr. Barnett and was AGREED.

4 Declaration of interests


In accordance with the adopted Code of Conduct, it has been AGREED to grant dispensation to all Members to allow them to contribute to the discussion of all agenda items. This decision is in the interests of the inhabitants of the Parish and will facilitate effective consideration of the business. Voting dispensations will be considered as and when they become necessary.

Lady Downe declared an interest in the Potash proposals and said she would not take part in any discussion.

5 Minutes of the Meeting held on 18 March 2013 and Matters Arising.


The Clerk reported that the County Council’s Highways Inspector has concluded that the surface water on Eastgate, Ruston originates on the Estates’ land and that is where responsibility for resolving the problem lies. It was AGREED that the Clerk will advise the Estates of the position and request that the Manager discusses the Inspector’s conclusion with him with a view to agreeing remedial action.



Cllr. Day is following up on the availability of the “Choices for Energy” mobile exhibition to see if it can be in place at the Village Show on 21 July.

The condition of local roads was discussed with particular mention being made of problems on the road into Ruston from the top of the hill on the A170 and also the road out of Ruston towards the shooting range. It was acknowledged that County Highways are more active in terms of patching work now that the worst of the winter weather is over and hope was expressed that the quality of the work will be of sufficiently high standard.

The Minutes were AGREED to be a true record and Lady Downe signed a copy.

6 Finance


  1. Members had received a copy of the Summary Receipts and Payments Account for the Year ending 31 March 2013. This was AGREED and Lady Downe and the Clerk signed a copy.
  1. The Clerk reported that Mrs M Welsh, who had been appointed with the approval of the Chairman, has carried out the Annual Internal Audit required under section 4 of the Annual Return for the Year ended 31 March 2013. Mrs Welsh confirmed that all of the internal control objectives have been met.
  1. The Clerk drew Members attention to the information to be included in section 1 – Accounting Statements in the Annual Return and explained that the figures are derived from the Summary Receipts and Payments Account. He went on to highlight section 2- Annual Governance Statement. It was AGREED that all of the statements in section 1 are approved and that all of the requirements in section 2 have been met.
  1. Lady Downe and the Clerk signed off sections 1 and 2 in the Annual Return.
  1. The Clerk reported that the Parish Council’s Insurance for 2013/14 will cost £390.86. It was AGREED that he should establish the cost of adding insurance cover for the new “furniture” on the Village Green in Ruston, particularly the picnic benches.


  1. It was AGREED that the Clerk’s salary will increase from £1,200.00 to £1,260.00 in 2013/14 and that £50.00 will be made available to him to provide IT hardware.

Members received the latest Financial Statement (attached as Appendix 1) and noted the receipts and payments made since the last Meeting. The Clerk confirmed that £108.00 has been sent to the YLCA as subscription for 2013/14. The following requests for payment were APPROVED and cheques authorised:

Clerk’s stationery and IT allowance for 2012/13 £140.22

Broker Network – Parish Council Insurance for 2013/14 £390.86

Mrs M Welsh – Internal Audit Year ending 31 March 2013 £ 37.50

St John Ambulance – Hire of room on 7 occasions £154.00

7 Consultations


Members NOTED the consultation by Scarborough Borough Council on the Review of Licensing Policy and Cumulative Impact Policies and also Taxi and Private Hire Policy.


The consultation by Scarborough Borough Council and the North York Moors National Park Authority on a Joint Draft Whitby Business Park Area Action Plan was considered and it was AGREED to support the expansion of the Business Park in the direction set out in the Action Plan providing that long distance views, particularly from the east, are not adversely affected.


8 Update on Planning Applications


The Clerk reported on the York Potash application and confirmed that:

  • A meeting of all the Parish Councils within the application area will take place in Sleights Village Hall at 7.00pm on Tuesday 14 May. Cllrs. Terry and Day will attend. The main purpose of this meeting is to determine how Parish Councils views will be presented when the application is considered by the North York Moors Planning Authority.
  • The Planning Authority will consider an Issues Report (95 pages long) on 16 May. This contains details of all the responses received thus far including those made by Wykeham Parish Council and the North Moor Residents.
  • Planning Authority Members will undertake a site visit on 31 May.
  • It is expected that the Planning Authority will consider the application on 02 July 2013.


The Clerk also reported that the planning application for a Wind Farm (10 turbines) at Ling Hill Farm, West Heslerton will be considered by Ryedale District Council’s Planning Committee on 14 May. The application is being recommended for approval.

9 General correspondence


Members received and considered the list of general correspondence that is attached as Appendix 2. In particular, the following were noted:

  • Councillors have been requested to fill in a new Register of Business Interests form and the Clerk is trying to establish why this is necessary.
  • A consultation on subsidised bus services was noted together with details of concessions for young people travelling on the 128 bus after 7.00pm. Anyone aged 18 or under will be charged only a £1.00 for any journey. Also, any adult travelling after 7.00pm will not pay more than £4.00 for a single ticket on any EYMS service.
  • Details of a new National Park Authority Community Grant were circulated.
  • There was confirmation that the Bill to cap Parish Precepts has failed to pass through Parliament.
  • A letter of thanks has been received from Anita Cassedy on behalf of the Derwent Valley BRIDGE (formerly Ayton Library). The Parish Council has contributed £100.00 towards running costs in 2013/14.


10 Date and time of next Meeting


Monday 08 July 2013 at 6.30pm in the St John Office at Wykeham Business Centre.

Chairman – Signed by Lady Downe on 08 July 2013.

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