East Ayton Library

Where are we now?

For the past three months a small group of local people have been working hard, together with North Yorkshire County Council, to continue the provision of a library service for the Derwent Valley, after the 1st April 2012.

Setting up a community library service is a new venture for both sides and there are a lot of discussions going on regarding the type of service we want to offer and what will still be provided by NYCC. We have got a full committee set up with a constitution in place. We have submitted a proposal, which has been broadly accepted by NYCC and we are now preparing a business case, which we will present to the council before February. Because of various legal reasons, the library will have to close for a short time after the 31st March but we hope to make this as short as possible, so hopefully, no one will notice that we are not there.

From the 1st April there will no longer be ‘Ayton Library’ but instead there will be ‘Derwent Valley BRIDGE’. The word BRIDGE being an acronym for


We felt that this title represented the joining together of all the villages in the Derwent Valley to support and provide a multi purpose service for everyone.

We plan to contact all the volunteers early in the New Year to attend a meeting to start looking at their roles in this new venture, what training will be needed and how it will all fit together to supply a smooth transition.

So please don’t think that it has all gone quiet and nothing is happening, it just talks a while to get the initial boring bits in place. We hope to let you know on a regular basis how we are progressing with our plans and how everyone can help to keep a lively and modern community service for the Derwent Valley villages.

If you would like more information please contact Suzanne Carr (866183), Laurel Armitage (863880) or Anita Cassedy (862417)