Tuesday 15 May 2012


Parish Councillors Lady Downe (Chairman), J P Terry (Vice Chairman), R A H Sword, G F Barnett and L S Day.
C H Holmes – Parish Council Clerk.
S Wilson – Scarborough Borough Council.
PCSO R Newcombe.
County and Borough Councillor D Jeffels, Borough Councillor M Jay-Hanmer.

The Assembly received a presentation from Mr Steve Wilson who was representing Scarborough Borough Council.

He began by explaining that the Government has changed dramatically some of the approaches to town and country planning and now favours a bottom up approach to development. Regional and District wide targets for housing have been abandoned in favour of locally prepared plans. Towns and villages accepting growth can expect central funding for new facilities.

The new approach is evidenced by the fact that the Government’s guidance on planning matters has been reduced from around 1,000 pages to just 10.

One of the ways that local communities are being encouraged to play a part in future planning is by the introduction of Neighbourhood Plans. These will sit somewhere between the simple Parish Plans and the formal Local Plans which remain the responsibility of the Borough/District Councils. Parish Councils will be responsible for preparing Neighbourhood Plans and these will carry some statutory weight when planning decisions are made by higher Authorities.

The Borough Council has a statutory duty to assist Parishes who embark on a Neighbourhood Plan and it will be interesting to see how the costs are apportioned as the process will take up to 2 years and will involve a modest public examination of the Plan and a referendum on whether it should be adopted.

Mr Wilson closed by referring to the progress being made on the Borough Wide Local Plan with the next public stage being planned for Autumn 2012. The Borough Council’s response to the various proposals for development put forward by land owners will be confirmed at that time and Mr Wilson mentioned those submitted in Wykeham and Ruston. He said he was cautious about extending the existing approved limits of development unless there are good reasons to do so.

Lady Downe thanked Mr Wilson for attending.

PCSO Richard Newcombe presented the latest Police Report for the Derwent Valley Ward and confirmed the details for contacting the Police depending on the nature of the incident/request. He pointed to the overall decrease of 23 in the number of reported crimes in the year to the end of March 2012 and went on to describe some recent cases.

There have been a number of crimes involving the theft of vehicles, vehicle parts and fuel and also several burglaries at commercial premises. The Police are working with the Environment Agency to make regular checks on garages and scrap dealers although some of the crimes involve people from outside the County boundary. Liaison continues with the National Park Rangers in attempts to limit the excesses of off-roaders and these efforts have resulted in warnings being issued and vehicles seized.

Lady Downe thanked PCSO Newcombe for his contribution and closed the Meeting.

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